Take a deep breath and prepare for the takeoff…
A unique journey begins here and now, and will end with the landing on “Planet Magic”, the most unusual, most ambitious stop in the 14-year history of Magic Break, on April 20th-23rd.
Launched while thousands of Magicians were curiously watching, GM-2019 had lost all connection with Earth soon after and following a thrilling adventure, it made a surprise landing at Planet Magic.
And the real adventure hasn’t even started yet…
It’s a yet-to-be-explored planet with locals spending their lives working on that ‘perfect party’ for 362 days of the year and enjoying it to the fullest for 3 days. On this party planet, where youth and freedom reign, there is no limit to music, dance, joyous activities, the sea and the sun, or eating drinking — simply, there is limit to having fun!

Just like Magic Break, the Mediterranean's largest spring festival with its all-inclusive concept…
And the Magician crew of GM-2019 must have thought the same thing, as the path to Planet Magic will only be opened for the Magicians as a first in the history of our galaxy.
By courtesy of special invitation from locals, we will be visiting Planet Magic for an extended weekend with the best representatives of dance music worldwide coming with us. Reservations are now open for our Magicians to come join us in the greatest adventure of our lives!