Fosforlu Yüz ve Vücut Boyama :Glow in the Dark


Space is a vast darkness… It’s up to you to leave your mark on it with the colors that are overflowing inside of you.

If you want to become a true creation of Planet Magic, let us turn you into a work of art on global standards with glow-in-the-dark UV paint.

Follow the colors — it won’t be difficult to find us!

Giydiklerini Boya / Boyadıklarını Giy

Hello Stranger ile kot ceketinden basic tişörtüne, bez çantandan spor ayakkabına kadar istediğin her kıyafetinde kendini ve içindeki galaksiyi yansıtabilirsin.


Sanatın en özgün ve en ‘sen’ halini üzerinde taşımak için ihtiyacın olan tek şey kıyafetlerin ve hayal gücün; sonrası bizde!


Flowart Workshops


With flow accessories zinging up your dance, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to feel more vibrant, energetic and in the zone…
That’s what we call the “flow state” and look forward to show you how extraordinary it can feel when an ordinary activity like dancing combines with the right accessories and mood.
To be introduced to poi, hula-hoop, flow wand and experience flow art, just find us in our playground on Planet Magic!  


There is actually more to juggling, a former circus performance, than you think.
Aside from spinning multiple objects in the air or keeping them in balance, juggling also forces the cerebral lobes to operate simultaneously and acts as a trigger for many mental activities, such as 'stimulating the brain, balancing lobe functions and raising awareness of life.
There is no doubt that finding your own balance by playing with the balances would be good for you…


Magical Yoga&Pilates


Forget the previous day ’sexhaustion' by the magical yoga. Let the start #MagicBreak