Q1. What is Magic Break?

Magic Break is a festival that was initiated by Bogazici Universitians, and it grew quickly by the attendance of festival lovers from Istanbul. It followed other cities in Turkey and European cities in the last years. Attendees gather in Antalya far away from home and stress. They celebrate the spring for 3 days. World renowned musicians and artists from Turkey with different genres come together in Antalya to perform on many different stages. Food and beverage services are limitless, and they are free within the context of the festival. In 2023, the festival will celebrate its 18th Anniversary at in Antalya on 20-23th April

Q2. What are the preferences of attendance and prices?

Price detail will be revealed very soon

Q3. How to make a reservation?

Reservations are made on the RESERVATION page on magicbreaktr.com website, but they can also be made from the authorized sales point link, magicbreaktr.com/name found below. In order to complete the reservation you must be eligible for the terms of participation. Check the terms of participation in the reservation form. First, in the reservation form you need to choose the HOTEL, ROOM TYPE and VIP PACKAGE (optional). Second, on the same page you need to include the GENDER, FIRST NAME-LAST NAME, PHONE, EMAIL, IDENTITY NO, DATE OF BIRTH, UNIVERSITY and PAYLOAD TYPE information of the attendees who are booking the same room one by one. After all the information has been filled in, click the APPLY button. You will see the 12 digit PNR code (which is the attendance code) of all attendees who booked the same room. All payment plans (Cash/Money Order-EFT, Credit Card) are included in the confirmation email, and they are sent to the attendees’ email addresses mentioned in reservation form. In order to complete the reservation the payment needs to be made in the next 4 calendar days, and all needed information needs to be filled in on the reservation form. The PNR codes of a reservation will automatically drop unless all payments on a room is made in 4 days.

  • Money Order/EFT payments made to Gezi Makinesi bank accounts
  • Cash payments made to Gezi Makinesi Head Office or authorized sales points
  • For payments via PayPal or Credit Card check the link at the confirmation email or Gezi Makinesi office
  • 9.5% late interest fee charged for online payments with 6 Month installments via credit card valid for Is Bank or Maximum Cards.
  • Payments with installments via İş Bank or Yapi Kredi Bank credit cards needs to be made at the Head Ofiice.

Q4. What are the locations of festival hotels?

The festival hotel is located in Antalya. The distance between Antalya airport is 50 km and also 30 km located from Belek city center.

Q5. What is VIP accommodation? Are there any Suit rooms?

Please contact with us for Villas and suits via mail

Q6. Bus Transportation

  • Round trip transportation is provided from Istanbul directly to the hotels with Gezi Makinesi buses. 
  • One-way and round-trip prices are the same
  • Transportation reservation is made on the reservation page on the website at the TRANSPORTATION section. Complete the transportation reservation by using the PNR code given to you when you applied for the room
  • On the transportation form you can only include 5 people at most. Attendees staying in different rooms (different PNR codes) but riding the same bus must fill out the same form. In order to go ride the same bus, the bus must depart from the same city
  • Payment for transportation can be made at the same way as festival payment

Q7. Antalya Airport Transfer

  • There will be continuous transfers from Antalya airport to the hotel every half an hour starting at 08:00 on 5th of May, and from the hotel to the airport every half an hour starting at 04:30 on 8th of May
  • For transfers from hotel to airport attendees can make reservations at the INFO DESK in the hotel by giving the flight information.

Q8. Parking Lot

Attendees travelling via vehicle can use the parking lot for free.

Q9. Is it possible to join Magic Break without accommodating at the festival hotel?

It is not possible to attend Magic Break if you stay at a different hotel. Our participants can attend the festival by purchasing camping tickets.

Q10. Can people under the age of 18 attend Magic Break?

Participants under the age of 18 can't attend to Magic Break.

Q11. Is it possible to check-in to hotels 1 day before or check-out 1 day later?

  • Please contach with us for coming one day before the festival. If you want stay one more at the hotel you can contact with us. You can make your reservation at info desk 

Q12. Are the events salaried? What are the salaried services?

All event, food and beverage services are free. The premium drinks on special bars, lockers, room service, health service, massage and motor vehicle water sports are salaried.

Q13. Will medical staff be present during the festival?

Medical staff will be present 24 hours a day.

Q14. What are the Attendance - Cancellation - Suspension terms?

  • Gezi Makinesi is not responsible for the problems that are caused by wrong and/or missing information in the reservation form
  • The attendee must inform Gezi Makinesi regarding any changes in the reservation form by 14th of May
  • Gezi Makinesi does not guarantee to have a reservation for the cancelled rooms.
  • The attendee agrees to pay 50 TL extra via MONEY ORDER-EFT for each change in the reservation form after 28th of April 18:00
  • The attendee agrees to give a copy of his/her own identity while checking in to the hotel. 100 % of the payment must be made in order to complete the reservation. Reservations made without 100% of the payment following the next 4 calendar days after the filling of the reservation form will be automatically dropped. If partial payment was made, repayment will be given according to the terms. An attendee who has been given the PNR code with 100% payment agrees not to pass the code to other attendees.
  • A new reservation must be made if an attendee changes room type or changes personal information. Any changes to reservation will result in a new PNR CODE. If a payment has been made with the previous PNR code, the attendee has to inform Gezi Makinesi in the next 4 days after making the new reservation in order to pass the payment to the new PNR code by sending an email to [email protected] If the attendee fails to inform Gezi Makinesi of the changes within 4 days a refund will be made according to the terms.
  • The attendee is refunded 100% if the reservation is cancelled 30 days prior the festival and 50% prior 15 days before the festival.
  • The attendee agrees not to demand 100 % of the payment after 28th of April 18:00 without any excuse.
  • Refund will be made without the bank installment commission if the payment is made via credit card.
  • Refunds are made 30 days after the date of the cancellation.
  • The attendees agree to send an email to [email protected] until 28th of April 16:00 if they decided to prefer the VIP packages but hasn't preferred when making the reservation.
  • Only undergraduate or graduate students listed on the reservation form are permitted to attend Magic Break. Other attendees from other universities need a reference from crowd management team to attend the festival.
  • Filling out the reservation form and/or making payments does not guarantee entry to the festival. Magic Break crowd management team has the right to cancel the reservation without giving a reason by refunding payment.
  • Participant group of male friends won't be allowed to the festival. 
  • From the moment of bus departure, attendees can be suspended from the organization without refund due to inappropriate and illegal action without a repayment. The company can begin legal proceeding if necessary.
  • The attendee agrees to pay for any damages caused by themselves at the festival area and their room.